Painter and embroiderer Naomi Avsec launched ilovespoon in 2004 to create unique pieces for her dream-like embroidery designs.

ilovespoon marries a love of illustration and embroidery with a skillful style to create beautiful and inspiring designs. Each piece is individually embroidered freehand without an outline, allowing imagination to shape each piece. With recurring themes including nature, animals, love and sex, Naomi's designs have an energy and personality rare to textiles.

From 2006 to the present day has seen Naomi collaborate extensively with Paul Smith, designing and embroidering men and women's shoes, ties, hankies and various 'special' projects including customising a Philippe Starck lamp..

2011 Naomi debuted in Tokyo at Paul Smith's Space Gallery in a solo exhibition displaying a range of paintings, embroidered artworks and even embroidered chairs. This has led to an exhibition at GLOBE in Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

Exhibition at Paul Smith

Space Gallery in Toyko